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Major Draft

The Major division of Baseball & Softball utilize a draft system designed by Little League for team placement.

This process begins with the "call for candidates" or registration. All registering players league age 10, 11 and 12 year olds who did not participate on a Major division team in the prior spring season, are required to participate in the tryout process. For the Spring 2022 season, tryouts will take place on a TBD Saturday. When it is available, the tryout schedule will be posted on our website and emailed to participants.

During the tryout sessions players will demonstrate skills of throwing, fielding, and hitting. Major division managers will attend each try out session to assess all the players, or draft candidates as they are called.

The draft will proceed in accordance with the guidelines outlined by Little League. Managers will draft players, in the designated order, based on their assessment of a players skill and the needs of their team which includes, but is not limited to, roster availability, player position needs, team personality, etc.

Players who are not drafted to a Major Division team will then be placed on a AAA level team. All league age 12 year olds must participate in the try outs and will be drafted.

Tryout Participation

The Major division tryouts is the opportunity for our major division managers to assess the skills of all the players eligible for participation in the Major Division of play. Based on the skill level of the players trying out, and the needs of the team, managers will draft players in accordance with our league's draft plan.

All players, league age 10, 11, and 12, who did not participate on a major division team in the prior spring season, are required to participate in the tryouts. This is necessary to maintain the integrity of the tryout and draft process. The skill level of players within a division of play may vary each year necessitating the need for annual tryouts by all players. Players unable to attend their scheduled time, must contact the Player Agent in advance to re-schedule their time.

Contact the Player Agent for more information.

Draft Options

Allowing a player to request placement on a team in a division which utilizes the draft system would compromise the draft process. Players therefore are not allowed to request, or decline participation on any team within a drafted division.

One allowable exception is when the son or daughter of a manager of a team in the division is participating in the draft, the manager may request their son or daughter be "protected" in the draft such that they intend to draft their child during the designated draft round.

The second allowable exception is the sibling of a player in the draft who has a brother or sister already on a team within the same division of play. Managers may request to "protect" the sibling of their current player against drafting by another team through the designated round. As additional factors, may influence the ability for a manager to draft a sibling, parents should contact the Player Agent to discuss further.

Siblings who are participating in the same draft pool, i.e. trying out for the same level of play, are not guaranteed to be drafted to the same team. Parents with siblings within the same draft pool may contact the Player Agent to further discuss options.

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