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Alderwood House Rules

Below is a listing of our House Rules for 2023.

Alderwood Little League House Rules - To Be Updated in early 2023.

Baseball -

Rookie (Coach Pitch) Baseball Local Rules

10 Players play the field with four outfielders.  A minimum of 8 players are required for a coach pitch game. Teams must use a continuous batting order.

Outfielders are to not move into the infield. 

The pitcher must have one foot inside the mound circle or roughly within 3 feet of the coach pitching if there is no mound circle.

Players must play a minimum of 6 outs on defense.

Players are to only play one position for a maximum of 2 innings. 

Someone being a good first baseman is not an excuse to have them play first base the entire game.

There is no On-Deck circle. 

There are no batting tees used in Coach pitch.

There are no walks in Coach pitch.

There is no stealing or advancing on a past ball.

Runner/s only advance on an overthrow IF ball goes out of play (out of fenced in area) and only one base. Otherwise, there is no advance on an overthrow. 

All runner(s) must stop when any player gains possession of the ball.  A runner more than ½ way between bases will proceed at his/her own risk. 

This means when the outfielder gets the ball, the runners stop running. We are not advancing runners on the players inability to throw the ball in correctly.  

There is no Infield Fly Rule. 

There is a 5 run limit per team per inning.

Each hitter will get 5 pitchers to put the ball in play.

Starting May 1, each hitter will get 5 pitchers OR 3 swing and misses (A foul ball after 2 swings will be treated like a foul ball with 2 strikes. The player will get another pitch). A foul ball on the 5th pitch will result in an additional pitch for the batter.

The game time limit is 1 hr 30 minutes.

No new inning after 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Coaches on the field make the call regarding out/safe.

Coaches pitch and they do not need to pitch from the mound, recommended distance is 30’.

Coaches must pitch overhand.

Coaches may kneel or sit on a bucket or chair.

A pitching machine is available if the coach is not able to pitch. 

On Defense, there may be 2 coaches in the field. 

If there are kids in the dugout, there must be an adult in the dugout. 

There is no “must-slide” rule. If the fielder has the ball and is waiting to make a tag then the runner must slide OR attempt to get around. Refer to rule 7.08(a)(3). If the fielder does not have the ball, the runner cannot be called out for a collision. 

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Softball - To Be Updated

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